Postpartum Support

We provide nurturing care for mom and baby, help reassure you by answering your questions and concerns, offer comfort and experienced support during challenging times, provide skills and strategies designed to strengthen new parent confidence, and support your transition into parenting. We want the mother to feel reassured, nourished, rested and loved, and the family to feel confident and cared for.

Postpartum doula support is available weekdays, evenings and weekends. Please contact us for more information, rates and availability.

In home breastfeeding consultations, provide support and encouragement for challenges big and small. We know breastfeeding does not always feel natural or go smoothly so we’re here for you! Get support as soon as you need it - weekdays, evenings and weekends.

Andrea has over 25 years of experience supporting breastfeeding moms at home, birth centers and hospital, as a certified lactation counselor and community educator. Should your challenges require a different scope of practice, we will provide referrals and resources for you.

Private Education

Oops! forgot to register for birth classes in advance? Do you have a challenging work schedule? If you can’t make it to a childbirth preparation series, prenatal breastfeeding class, or newborn care class, we can help!

We offer private classes, even if you think you’re too late!

Contact us to schedule in home postpartum visits, breastfeeding support, or a private class to meet your specific needs.

Please also inquire for private options in your work space!